About Siliguri Tea Traders Association Members


The Number of Members shall be unlimited.


There shall be only one class of members e.g., ORDINARY MEMBERS.


Any individual, firm, company, corporation or co-operative society (hereinafter called firm or company) having his or their established place of business in India and being in the Tea Trade shall be eligible for ordinary membership, subject to such qualification and terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee of the Association from time to time.


Brokers in Tea trade operating in India may, on application and subject to such terms and conditions as prescribed by the Executive Committee of the Association become Registered Brokers of the Association but they cannot exercise any voting right.


One representative being the Proprietor, Partner, Director or Principal Officer or any other person duly authorised in writing by the member may represent in the Association at any time, and will be eligible to vote.



Every applicant for membership shall be proposed by one member being competent to vote and such an applicant shall apply in writing to the Hony. General Secretary of the Association in the forms as prescribed in Appendix “A” and must agree to abide by the Memorandum, and Rules and Regulations framed from time to time.


8.(I)   Subject to the other provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the

       rights and obligations of all the members of the Association shall be

       the same.

(ii) Every bonafide member of the Association shall reserve the right:

 To vote or to be elected in any election of the Association provided that 

      he has no dues or arrear to the Association at the time of filing the

      nomination papers;

To avail of the services of the technical and consultancy, library and other services as may be provided by the Association from time to time on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee;

 To submit suggestions for the better working of the Association;

To inspect the books of Accounts and records of the Association, on appointment with Secretary or the Treasurer, subject to such rules and regulations, and conditions, as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee.


9.A(I)Every applicant proposing to be a member of the Association shall pay Entrance fee(Proposed)of Rs. 11000/-(Rupees Eleven thousand only) and every member shall pay the Annual Subscription (Proposed)  of Rs.1500/- (One thousand one hundred only) and which amount may from time to time be fixed by the Executive Committee, subject to being General Meeting.



(ii) The entrance fee payable under Sub-Clause (I) above shall be paid along

      with the Application form for membership

(iii)The annual membership subscription shall be payable in the first month

      of the financial year. A grace time may be allowed by the president and

      the secretary up to the 3rd month of the financial year. After that the

      member shall be treated as a defaulter and he will not be entitled to

      exercise the rights and privileges as a member until he clears up his

      dues in full. Such member can only exercise voting rights if the dues

      have been paid in full before the Annual General Meeting, or Extra

      Ordinary General Meeting as the case may be.


9. B(i) An applicant for membership shall furnish all such further particulars

      as may be required by the Executive Committee. The decision of the

      committee with respect to the acceptance or rejection of any applica-

      tion for membership shall not be bound to give any reason for their



(ii) Every Broker proposing to be a Registered Broker of the Association

      shall pay the entrance fee of Rs.0000/- and every Registered Broker

      shall pay annual subscription fee Rs. 0000/- or such amount as may

      from time to time be fixed by the Executive Committee, subject to it

      being ratified by the Annual General Meeting.




10.   The Association shall keep at its Registered Office in one or more

     books, a register of its member, and enter there in the following

     particulars :


The name and address of each member.

The name of the person nominated as representative by the member.

The date on which the member was admitted.

The date on which any person ceased to be a member.




11.   Every member shall notify to the Secretary forthwith any change of

        address. Such altered address and the name of any substituted

     nominee, appointed by a Member sanctioned by the committee shall

     immediately be entered into the Register. The address so registered

     shall be the registered address of the member. It is, however, provided

     that the Proprietor, Partner, Director and Principal Officer or authoris-

    ed Representative alone of a Member firm or company can represent

     the Member firm or company when duly authorised by the member to

     do so and recognised by the committee as the Official Representation of

    the member. If and when two or more representatives of a member

    firm or company attend any meeting the official representative of the

    member only will be entitled to vote.



 A member shall cease to be a member of the Association in the

      following circumstances :


 On his voluntary resignation by a letter addressed to the Secretary of

 the Association;

 On his annual subscription remaining unpaid in terms of clause 9 (iii)

 herein before mentioned;


 On his being adjudged insolvent or in the case of a company or

 corporation when winding up orders have been passed with regard to

 such company or corporation or when it has gone into voluntary

 winding up;


 On his cessing to be qualified/eligible for membership in terms of these

 Rules and Regulations;


 In case of an individual, on his being proved to be of unsound mind or

 when convicted of and offence involving moral turpitude.


 On his not abiding by the Rules & Regulations of the Association and

 acting contrary to these rules.




  The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at the

     Registered office of the Association or at any place within the city of

      Siliguri on such date, which is not a public holiday, and during business

     hours as fixed by the Executive Committee at any time within six

     months after the closing of the financial year.