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Good Infrastructure

The academy is equipped with 9 international standards STAG tables Approved ITTF. Academy has been upgraded with High ceiling lighting customized for table tennis with ITTF approved STAG flooring which makes comfortable playing environment and safe for kids. Our vision for the next two years is to equip with gym and fitness centre.


Robot Machine

Table tennis robot practice will provide consistent practice sessions which help players to play time against speed. The robot is capable of producing all spins that occur in table tennis. It is a invaluable tool for working on specific techniques. 30 minutes on this machine will give you a tireless practice partner to hone your specific skills.

Video Counseling

Video counseling helps in Developing Sport Psychology within the practice sessions. It helps to identify, rectify mistakes by players themselves individually with the help of coach which is a practical guide for Mental preparation.


Physical Fitness

Table tennis is a fastet ball game on which physical training is an important part of any sports routine and different fitness schedules are designed to develop stamina, speed, footwork and weight free workouts. Players are trained individually to develop their overall physical fitness in general and emphasizing on speed, strength, reflexes and endurance in particular to the game of Table Tennis.

Mental Fitness

It is the mind that sets the body in motion. This is why the fitness of the mind is the key to player’s mental fitness and inner strength which determines their perseverance and power of endurance. As the game demands high level of concentration and mental strength, we emphasize in developing concentration by means of yoga and concentration related exercises.


Individual Coaching

Players can avail the individual special one–on-one coaching on appointment with the coaches.